after a few weeks i stayed at home without doing anything..

i make a new website for my own..

it is free need to pay..

but it is not juz like a real website, where we can choose wht kind of CMS we want to use..

however, it is okay for a beginner just like me..(^_^)

so here is the website URL :

and pleaseee… i need comments from you to make the website becomes more interesting….


~JoomLa and Me~

today,,I was learned on how to install forum at Joomla..

it’s very difficult,,but thnx to someone who always help me when I need help.. 🙂

it is become easy even we had a little bit of problem while the installation..

actually when I learn about Joomla, I already know a little bit about the advantages of Joomla..

however, not everything in the world is perfect right??


here is the page of my website that was created by using Joomla…

so please have a visit to this website:

and lets’ become part of my friends by login in this website,,,


~LaSt FeW DaYs b4 eNd oF HoLiDaYs~

my raya break will be end a few days from now..

and this friday i will back to campus to continue the busiest day..

there are a lot of assignments need to finish it…projects, midterms, quizzes and others..

don know when all those things will be complete..



~First Post~

this is my first post at this blog..

n for me it is same just like my previous blog..

however, this blog is my third blog that I have..